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Kandahar Travel

Kandahar lies in Southern Afghanistan making long borders with Pakistan. Kandhar is now well known as the old center of the Taliban power. Kandahar, the second largest city in Afghanistan, has a long and destructive history. Many landmark buildings here still narrate the story of Afghanistan.

Kandahar is also the capital of Kandahar province and has population of about 250,000. Kandahar is a market for sheep, wool, cotton, food grains, fresh & dried fruit, and tobacco. It makes a square with a gate on every side. Market is located in the centre of the city.

Kandahar Travel Alexander the Great founded Kandahar in 330 BC and since, the city of Kandahar has traveled a lot. The city was formerly known as Alexandria. Kandahar was an important trade route in the Southern and Central Asia. During 1748 when Ahmad Shah Durrani came in power, he made Kandahar the capital of Afghanistan. Several rulers ruled over Afghanistan since Durrani canme into existence. Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni invaded Afghanistan in 11th century. Until the defeat of Tamerlane in 1383 the city was ruled by Mongols. During 16th century Moghul Emperor Babur conquered the city. Later on Persians ruled over Kandahar. After the withdrawl of British army during the first and second Anglo Afghan wars Kandahar became the part of independent Afghanistan.

Travel Attractions in Kandahar
Kandahar is a city rich in history. Cities historical monuments and religious sites are associated with the historical journey of the city.

The Chilzina
Located four km away from Kandahar, Chilzina is known for its rock out chamber. It is located high above the plains in the mountain chains of Afghanistan. Since ancient time Chilzina has served as the defence wall for Kandahar. Chilzina was built between 1522 A.D. To 1531 A.D. Person behind the idea and construction of the chamber was Moghul emperor Babur. It is also known as Forty Steps.

Mausoleum of Ahmed Shah Durrani
One of the most important historical monuments of Kandahar. Adjoining the mausoleum there is shrine of Muhammad's cloak. Ahmed Shah Durrani was the founder of Sadozy Dynasty and ruled Afghanistan from 1747 to 1772 A.D. He added Kashmir, Sindh and Western Punjab to his domains His empire extended from Eastern Persia to Northern India and from Amu Darya to the Indian Ocean. The Mosque of the Hair of Muhammad is located inside the covered bazaar of Char Suq in Kandahar.

Kandahar TravelShrine of Baba Wali
Baba Wali's shrine is located near at the lush green bank of Arghandab River. The shrine is a famous landmark of Kandahar. Shrine of Baba Wali is located on the hill side near Arghandab district. The terraces of the shrine are shaded by the pomegranate shrubberies. Fil Koh or Elepahant Mountain can also be noticed while you are on your visit to the shrine. The shrine owes its importance as a religious site as well as known as an ideal picnic spot with family and friends.

Village of Sher Surkh
Just about a mile south of Jadi Haji, Sher Sukh village is located. Most wonderful and picturesque sight all over the Afghanistan. It is famous for the musoleums of Ahmad Khan, Durrani's son Payeda Khan.

Char Suq (Four Bazaars)
Char Suq is considered to be the hub of the city. It is referred as the Cahr Suq as four principle markets of the city lies here. The tradition of four bazaars has been going on since the time of Ahmad Shah Duranni. Char Suq exactly is a square, where the four main market streets meet. Inside the covered bazaar the mosque of hair of Muhammad is located.

Kandahar Museum
At the western end of the Eidgah Durwaza, city museum is located. It has a wide display of Ghiyassuddin's paintings, the famous artist from Afghanistan.

Reaching Kandahar
Kandahar and the whole southern Afghanistan are dangerous to visit now a days. So it is recommended to check out the current scenario before planning your visit to Kandahar.

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