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Kabul Express Movie

'Kabul Express' is an Indian movie depicting the current Afghanistan. Story of two Indians, with a Pakistani and a Afghan Kabul Express is a thrilling story. Movies shows that the people of Afghanistan have preserved their culture and traditions, despite facing continuous war for decades. Kabul Express is an engaging journey of two journalists on the happening land of Afghanistan.

Idea of the Movie
The movie portrays post 9/11 Afghanistan. It tells how the things are going on in the country devastated by the wars. The director has beautifullyKabul Express Movie depicted the story of five different individuals exploring their paths together in Afghanistan. Staying away from the commercial cinema, hard core realities from Afghanistan have been brought to the limelight. The movie shows that how the defeated Taliban, the Hazaras and the native Afghans are living in the same country and what happens when they recognize each other. The movie presents an ideal picturization of a sensitive and burning issue.

Movie Facts
Director Kabir Khan
Producer Aditya Chopra
Writer Kabir Khan
Music Raghav Sachar
Actors John Abraham, Arshad Warsi, Salman Shahid
Actress Linda Arsenio
Year of Production 2006
Running time 106 minutes
Language Hindi, Urdu, Dari

Story and Characters of the Movie
Story of Kabul Express is all about the Afghanistan after 9/11. Two Indian journalists Suhel Khan (John Abraham) and Jai Kapoor (Arshad Warsi) come to Kabul on their dangerous mission to cover a story on Kabul. They are looking for a Talib militant captured by the Afghans, for an interview. An Afghan guide, translator and driver, Khyber (Hanif Hum Ghum) helps them along with their challenges while they are on their trip to Kabul. An American Jessica Bekham (Linda Arsenio) jouned them as she also wants to cover a documentary movie. As they were on their mission a soldier called Imran (Salman Shahid) drops them safely to the border. The film follows the next 48 hours of the five individuals. In the coming reels special emotional relationship develops between the five unknown people from different regions. Finally Jai, Suhel, Jessica and Khyber help Imran to meet his daughter and reach his native land.

About the Movie
Kabul Express is an interesting journey of the journalists, their close brushes with death, their emotions, fear and adventure. The movie is an engaging thriller. The movie does have a slightly anti-Pak flavor and it also goes into America bashing. The movie can be appreciated for bringing truth to the limelight so the common man can see the reality in its own way. The movie also has few humorous moments which makes the movie quite interesting. Salman Shahid's performance as a former Talibani is matchless. Kabul Express was the first movie to be shot entirely in Kabul so the hard core realities in the movie are really live. In short the movie is an exception to typical masala movie and a diary of experiences of the people really facing challenges.

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