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Cities in Afghanistan

Cities in Afghanistan offer lot of hospitality, tasty cuisine, good hiking and more. No doubt tyranny and war have harmed Afghanistan cities. Yet Afghan cities are nice place to visit. Kabul, Herat, Bamiyan, Balkh, Kandhar, Ghazni and Lashkargah are the prime cities of Afghanistan. All these cities narrate story of the glorious past of Afghanistan.

Balkh, small provincial town of today, was once a splendid city in Afghanistan. Mazar e sharif is one of the oldest historical monuments in the city. The city is recognized as the birth place of Prophet Zoraster. Formerly the city thrived as Bactria in the ruling period of Alexander the Great. The city brimmed with Buddha monasteries and stupas before the disaster inflicted by the Taliban. Now the city hosts the ruins of its glorious past.

Cities in Afghanistan Bamyan, the capital of Bamyan Province is the central town in Afghanistan. Bamiyan is renowned for the giant Buddha idols it hosted. It is one of the most picturesque areas in the region. Remains of Budha are the foot prints of history, attracting hoards of visitors to Afghanistan.

Ghazni, a city close to Kabul now remains a feeble shade of the former glory of the city. Ghazni has a long and eventful journey of wars and destruction like other cities of Afghanistan. Ghazni was the capital of Ghaznavid empire and a central location of South Asia.

Second big city of Afghanistan, Herat is located on the banks of Harirud river. Friday Mosque and Musalla are the primary attractions of Herat since the ancient times. Herat is known for its home-based industries. The city also boasts of having a women only university.

Kabul is the capital of the war torn country, Afghanistan. There is lot to see, although many parts are destroyed. The monuments still surviving tell us about the golden past of the city as well as the episodes of war and ravage here. People who think, there is no life in Kabul should visit Kabul once and explore life in Kabul, adorned with culture.

Kandahar is the second largest city of Afghanistan. The city was capital of Afghanistan before it was shifted to Kabul. The most important historical monument in the city is mausoleum of Ahmad Shah Durrani. Kandahar is not only a city of historical importance but it is an important business hub in the present Afghanistan. Charming village of Sher Surkh, Kandahar Museum, Chilzina and a small market are the other attractions in the city.

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