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Balkh Travel

The town of Balkh, an ancient city of Afghanistan has a very glorious past. One of the oldest towns in the world, the city is also known as the birthplace of Prophet Zoroaster. The city later on gained wealth and fame as Bactria. Balkh is also known as the home of Rabia Balkhi, the first woman poet of Islamic period. Mauwlana Jalal-ud-din Balkhi (Rumi), the most distinguished Sufi poet of Afghanistan was also born in Balkh. City was also an important trade route in the ancient times. Location of Balkh is in northern Afghanistan , close to Mazar-i-Sharif.

Arabs arrived in the city during 8th century and marked it as an important trade center. Alexander the Great founded a Greek colony here and later the city was known as Bactria. During the whole period of Alexander the Great, the region was acclaimed for its great wealth and glory. In the early centuries the city was also renowned for its Buddhist monasteries and stupas. Later it attained great importance as the center of Islam. During the rule of the amanid Dynasty about 40 Friday mosques stood within the city. Balkh's glorious history ceased in 1220 A.D. when Genghis Khan invaded the city and and left it with ruins.

Balkh Travel In 1850, Balkh became part of the unified kingdom of Afghanistan. The new city is now agricultural and commercial center of the city. Most of the part of the city is now in ruins.

Travel Attractions in Balkh
Shrine of Hazrat Ali (Roza Mubarik), Mosque of Nine Cupolas (No-Gonbad Mosque) Top-i-rustam & Takht-i-Rustam are the central attractions of the Balkh city. Mazar-e-Sharif is one of the most prestigious and religious cities in Afghanistan are located in Balkh. Balkh is a major trading center famous for Karakul, a great variety of traditional Turkmen carpets and high quality, long staple cotton. Tomb of Hazrat Ali is the monument with ornamented incriptions and the best Mogul architecture. Mosque of Nine Cupolas is visited by thousand of vistitors for relougious purpose. The mosque is alos known as Khoja Piada.

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